SAN DIEGO — While many children relaxed during their summer break, three Rancho Bernardo brothers were busy becoming Eagle Scouts. It's extremely rare for brothers from the same family to earn the highest Boy Scout honor, let alone accomplish the feat all at the same time. 

The three Rancho Bernardo brothers were born to serve. How else can you explain a lifetime of good deeds that led to the trio becoming Eagle Scouts at the same time? 

"How hard is it to become an Eagle Scout?" I asked. "It is really hard," they responded. 

The Hulterstrom boys all started off as Cub Scouts as eight-year-olds, climbing the ranks and piling on the patches. 

"Cooking, camping, engineering and chemistry," said 14-year old David as he pointed to his merit badges. 

For David's Eagle Project, he built fitness stations at the RB Swim and Tennis Club. 

"It was a difficult process because a lot of it was planning and trying to think of what will happen during the project," said David.

His 13-year-old brother, Daniel, built a Gaga Pit at his old elementary school. 

"What exactly is a Gaga Pit?" I asked. He told me, "Kind of like dodge ball, except you play it in an octagon pin." 

His twin brother, Jacob, created a sensory painting path and said the hardest part was the red tape: "Like writing and signatures that you need," said Jacob. "Writing all of the materials you need."

Daniel and Jacob are identical twins, who I first met three years ago when the brothers were elected as president and vice president of Valley Elementary. I met them in the library where they were arguing over who was better at sports and math. 

"No you are not, I got a better score than you. It's just one test - doesn't mean all the tests you do," said the boys. 

Daniel and Jacob have grown up a lot since we last met them but the one thing has not changed: they are still very competitive.

I followed them inside their home into their game room where no one really cares if you can built a campfire. The two battled it out playing ping pong and air hockey. 

"'Friendly, courteous and kind' take a brief time-out during air hockey," I said as they competed. 

The heated back-and-forth reminded me of when the twins both had their sights set on Sacramento. Three years ago, I asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. 

"Maybe governor of California," said Jacob. To which Daniel chimed in, "Governor." I said, "You want to be governor, too? "Yeah," he responded.

Fast forward to this current interview? 

"Do you still want to become governor?" I asked. Jacob responded, "Probably not." Followed by Daniel who said, "No, not really anymore." 

That's good to hear because all three of these Eagle Scouts promise to make the world a better place.