SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Scripps Ranch resident Christina Erdey moved away from San Diego for 13 years, and when she returned last summer, she discovered all of her friends had moved away.

"I was so lonely and desperate for friendship," Erdey said.

Christina took an unorthodox approach to making friends. She posted flyers all over town asking for friendship. No strings attached. There is no money required to join her group. No membership dues. No catch.

"I just wanted some girlfriends to meet for coffee or take a walk," said Erdey.

One friend became two, then two became four and so on. The women started meeting for dinner and taking monthly walks at Miramar Lake.

One day, they spotted a gaggle of geese at the lake and decided to name the group the Gaggle Girls. Eight months later, 165 women have joined the social group for females only.

Christina and some of her new friends met News 8's Jeff Zevely at Yanni's Bar and Grill in Scripps Ranch. Zevely said it was inspiring to see a person who used to be lonely surrounded by so much love.

Christina was only looking for a few friends, now she has a gaggle of them.

You can learn more about the group by going to their website.