SAN DIEGO — So you say you want to grow up and do what for a living? 

Jeff Zevely from the Zevely Zone went to Coronado to meet the world famous "Cheese Lady."

"Today you caught me right in the middle of working on Buttercup the Cow," said Sarah Kaufmann who can talk about all the places she's sculpted cheese until the cows come home.  

"I've carved at Disneyland and Disney World," said Sarah. "Mostly I carve at supermarkets." 

It's won't surprise you to hear the Cheese Lady was born and raised in Wisconsin. 

"This is my official cheese sculpting cheese head hat that I wear when I carve," said Sarah.  

She holds three Guinness World Records.  

"This is from a 4,000-pound cheddar," said Sarah while showing Jeff one of her trophies. 

Some of the biggest blocks she carves from weigh 10,000 pounds.  

"Why do I carve cheddar? It's dense," said Sarah. 

It also tastes great and affordably fills her fridge 

"My husband is mad because there is no room for his beer," said Sarah laughing.

When it comes to impressing celebrities, Sarah is the big cheese. 

"Recently I've done Carrie Underwood, The Pentatonix, Ariana Grande," said Sarah.  

She has made hundreds of television appearances and was recently interviewed by Martha Stewart. 

"She is quieter than you'd think," said Sarah.  

But there's nothing quiet about the Cheese Lady. She worked in advertising for years until she realized cheese is really big business. Sixteen years after her job change, Sarah has traveled to every state in the country to state fairs and eight Superbowls.

Jeff asked Sarah how many "cut the cheese" jokes she has suffer through. 

"Oh it's funny because at the grocery store people have all sorts of funny lines," said Sarah. "I'm 'wheely' good at carving cheese. It's pretty Gouda. It's a pretty 'gouda' sculpture."

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