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Zevely Zone: Pink Chique makes you feel special on your special day

Between giggles and moments of absolute precision, "I'm loving it so far. I can't wait to see the big reveal," Catherine Gamble is loving her makeover.

SAN DIEGO — Between giggles and moments of absolute precision, "I'm loving it so far. I can't wait to see the big reveal," Catherine Gamble is loving her makeover.

Catherine isn't about to roll the dice on her wedding day look. 

"We get to do a hair and make up trial, I will get my vision out there and see what I will look like for my big day," said Gamble, who is getting married in June. 

Catherine called Pink Chique, a company that makes people feel special on their special day.

Stephanie Rae, the founder of Pink Chique, says as a child, she was mocked and ridiculed for her twisted spine. 

"Growing up I had severe scoliosis," said Stephanie. "It was definitely challenging being in back braces from youth to high school. Definitely plays a lot in your insecurities being bullied in high school."

It was only after successful back surgery, Stephanie first felt beautiful. 

"So from that transformation and discovering who I was it fed into what I wanted to do in making women look and feel beautiful from the inside out and that is how my transformation took place as well."

"With this amazing transformation I was able, at last, to pursue my dreams of acting and modeling. During that time, I experienced firsthand behind the scenes of being a Makeup Artist. It was then that I realized that with my experience and what I had gone through, my true passion was to make women look and feel beautiful. It has become my way of sharing those wonderful feelings of transformation with other women and to make them glow from the inside out," said Stephanie.

Stephanie was 7 years old when she learned she had scoliosis, an unnatural curvature of the spine that would grow much worse in the coming years. She wore uncomfortable back braces through her childhood and teen years. 

"My doctors were optimistic about corrective surgery, my curvature was among the worst they had seen. But through their skill and God's grace, my curve was brought down to 41 degrees. What I had to go through with my scoliosis has made me who I am today and I wouldn't change it for the world because it has made me a stronger person in the end! I feel truly blessed," said Stephanie.

Stephanie got her start in the entertainment world doing acting and print modeling. From her behind-the-scenes experiences, she discovered her passion for makeup artistry.

As a licensed esthetician and makeup artist, Stephanie has worked extensively in upscale spas, along with being very involved in the wedding and fashion industries. Stephanie and her team's work have been published, and they have done makeup for actress, Ruby Modine.

For Pink Chique, Stephanie brought together a select team of certified makeup artists and licensed hair stylists, skilled in techniques for film, commercial photo shoots, weddings, pageants, and special events.

Pink Chique is a one-stop shop for spray tans, massage, hair and make up and they just show up at your door.

We asked hair stylist Phoebe Tran, "What is the secret to bridal hair?". She responded, "Patience."

Up or down, curly or straight, Phoebe is ready for last-minute changes. 

"They will be like, 'I saw this photo. I have to have it like this.' I will have to make it happen that day," said Tran as she curls and sprays Catherine's hair.

Catherine is searching for her wedding day look and the choices she's making today aren't something you just brush off as more eye liner is applied.

All for the love of her life. 

"His name is Adam," she said. 

Catherine is marrying a San Diego police officer and she's about to look so good, it should be a crime.

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