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Zevely Zone: Poway Rodeo Queens

In this Zevely Zone, Jeff previews the 2019 Poway Rodeo.

POWAY, Calif. — How would you like a to visit the country and never leave the city?  

In this Zevely Zone I preview the 2019 Poway Rodeo.  

There are horses everywhere. If little 7-year-old Jackie Sipe can saddle up for the Poway Rodeo so can you San Diego.  

"Who wouldn't want to be a princess?" asked Lisa Bankhead.  

She is the Queen Director, and it's her job to get little cowgirls all dolled up despite the dirt.  

"Their job is that they are walking billboards for the sport of rodeo. They are the ambassadors," said Lisa.

That means it's time for the Rodeo Princess to meet her biggest fan. I asked Jackie Sipe for an autograph.  

"And what should I write?" she asked.  

I responded, "Jeff?" 

One horse over sits Stella Erb. She is the 2019 Poway Rodeo Young Miss.

Her duties include answering the public's questions. 

"Oh I get nervous for the first time I was doing this it was the first time I had to talk in front of anybody," said Stella.  

You'd get nervous too if 12,000 people asked you to find one specific spot.

"The bathroom, the bathroom question," she said.

The Poway Rodeo dates back almost 50 years, and it's filled with roping, riding, and more. 

Sam's Posse is a free event open to children with disabilities. 

"Sam's Posse was founded in memory of my son Sam and he lived his life with lots of exuberance and joy," said Deborah Burt.  

She keeps her son's legacy alive by horsing around. 

"I stay away from live animals because I grew up with them and I know how they can be a little unpredictable."  

Deborah introduces me to Carson Wehlage who rides and ropes on a plastic adaptive bull.  

He is filled with energy and gave me a big, "Yeehaw!".

Poway is strong and that means the community comes first. 

"Everyone is so friendly. Everyone knows everyone and I mean everyone," said the Rodeo Queen, Kristen Lopez.  

She is always surprised to meet people who say this is their first rodeo.

"Some people don't even know where Poway is they didn't even know Poway had a rodeo so it's pretty cool when I go to other rodeos and I get to explain," said Kristen.

Poway is known as the city in the country and the people here are just dying to wave hello. Rodeo Princess, Jackie Sipe gave me her best parade wave and that autograph she promised.  

"Are you going to remember me when you are famous?" I asked. 

"Yes," she said with a giggle.   

That's what they all say.

The Poway Rodeo takes place Friday night, September 27, and all day on on Saturday, September 28.  For ticket information go to their website.

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