SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A woman on Friday claimed she had $30,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her while she was at the Omni La Costa Spa on Thursday.

Sandy Redman said she was at the spa with her family to celebrate her granddaughter’s graduation and 18th birthday.

Redman claims she was “gone for exactly an hour and that’s when it all happened.”

Just before 2 p.m., Redman claims she and her family left their belongings in a locker to go to the spa for one hour.

When they returned, Redman said her belongings were gone. Her daughter took pictures of the locker.

In the pictures, it appears to show someone pryed open the locker’s door – stealing Radman’s watch, ring, iPad and other times - totaling $30,000.

Redman had often been photographed at social events across the county wearing the watch that was stolen from her purse.

“I was a total wreck. I could not believe it. I just, still can’t believe it happened yet – it hasn’t hit home yet,” she said.

Carlsbad Police are investigating the theft, although Redman is not optimistic.

“I’ll never get it back. The police officer said it’s just not possible to get it back,” said Redman.

Although what she really wants is something that does not have a price tag. “You know, it really upsets me that no one said ‘I’m sorry.’ Nobody said no apology – nothing.”

According to Redman, not even the Omni La Costa Spa was apologetic.

“My daughter said, ‘will you give some consideration to what we’ve gone through in the last few hours?’ He said no, ‘we have no authority to do anything like that,’ and charged us $1,320.”

Now, Redman’s warning to anyone going to a spa or gym is that people take heed of her story and experience and leave their valuables at home where they will be safe.