SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - When the boat The Horizon docked at the H&M landing, shark divers said their experience swimming with sharks and other mammals was amazing, but turned magical when they spotted a pod of orcas swimming right next to their boat near Ensenada. 

On Monday morning, Captain Cary Humphries with San Diego based Shark Diver said he was awakened from a deep sleep and told to grab his Go Pro. 

"The squeaking and the clicks - it was really exciting for everybody," said Cary Humphries, Shark Diver Captain. 

The captain and his crew spotted the pod of orcas off the Baja coast near Ensenada during the last leg of their shark diving adventure in Guadalupe. 

"I was still a little bleary-eyed when I went down the steps and saw this dorsal fin coming to me," said Captain Humphries. 

Shark divers on the boat rushed to see the pod. Even the crew and the cook took in the magnificent sight before them. 

"You could just hear feet running across the deck," said Michigan diver Shannon Finkbeiner. 

Not only did Shark Diver see 30 white sharks in one trip in Guadalupe, breaking the record, they topped the trip with an amazing orca sighting. Many breaching the water. 

"I could not believe that was my life at the moment to see the orcas. Incredible," said Ohio diver Summer Hawkins.

Despite the murky waters and overcast sky, divers got a good look of two adult adult orcas and four to five calves. 

"They are bigger than I imagined. Way cooler than seeing them at SeaWorld," said Finkbeiner. 

According to Birch Aquarium, orca sightings off of Baja are not rare, but are unusual. In fact, they are considered transients that cruise the California coast all the time, according to Birch Aquarium Spokeswoman Hallie Johnson. 

This was the first time in 15-years for the Shark Diver owner. 

"It's unheard of they come to the boat. One swam right under the boat. It was magical," said Martin Graf, Shark Diver owner. 

Orca sightings happen about one or a few times a year off of Baja and California coasts.

Some of the footage in this video story was shot using a GoPro camera.