SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) —A sick little boy's wish came true Tuesday thanks to a real estate company. 

Dylan Coughlin has a brain tumor and is about to undergo two months in the hospital. 

But before he does, he and his family are going to Legoland. 

Ready to surprise a little boy, the group Goldrich Kest came bearing gifts. 

Mom Alex Coughlin had a hunch, but her son Dylan had no idea he'd be given Legos and balloons on his doorstep in Poway.  

Goldrich Kest of culver city is celebrating their 60 years in business with 60 acts of kindness. 

Their first giveaway is a trip to Legoland. 

"I know he wanted to go for one day, but we decided we'll send him for two," said Leslie Suder, Director of Marketing at Goldrich Kest. "And we'll put you guys up in a hotel and have some extra spending money so you guys can enjoy." 

Overjoyed all Dylan wanted to do was open his new toys.  

Gratitude is all that came to mind for his mother. 

"Obviously we're going through a lot but it's very sweet for people to do these kind of things for us," said Alex Coughlin. 

The Coughlin family was honored, especially after Dylan's mulitple surgeries and plan to start chemo therapy. 

"Hopefully we can go after he's done with treatment," said Alex. "He starts back next Monday."  

Dylan marks the first recipient for Goldrich Kest's statewide giveaway. 

"He's been through a lot, but we're just hoping that this is bright side for what he's going through," said Suder. 

And Dylan already got to enjoy his boxes of Legos. 

"This is something to keep him going and help him," said Alex. "I'll get a calendar to mark the day we are there and look forward to going to Legoland when we're done."