SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A probationer who failed to tell law enforcement about armed people holed up in his apartment, leading to the death of a San Diego police officer, was sentenced Monday to 85 years to life in state prison, plus 11 years.

Alex Charfauros, 29, was convicted last month of second-degree murder in the 2010 death of Officer Christopher Wilson, a father of two and 17-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department.

Kaylee Wilson, who was 20 when her father was killed, said it makes her "sick" thinking about Charfauros' inactions when officers asked him if there were any guns, people or drugs in his apartment.

"All you had to do was say something," Kaylee Wilson told the defendant. "I lost my dad and your (10-year-old) daughter lost her dad."

The officer's daughter said she had to get married without her father present and her younger brother had to graduate from high school without his father being there.

"Your actions forced us to grow up very quickly," she told Charfauros.

Charfauros admitted to being a methamphetamine addict but said he was not responsible for Wilson's death.

"I'm not a cop killer. I'm not a killer," Charfauros said in court. "I would never wish this on anyone. I had no idea (Holim) Lee would do what he did."

The night of Oct. 27, 2010, probation officers and U.S. marshals went to Charfauros' apartment on South Meadowbrook Drive. Probation officers were checking on Charfauros, and the marshals were looking for Lee, who had outstanding warrants for assault and a probation violation, prosecutor Michael Runyon said.

A man -- not the defendant -- opened the door and said Charfauros wasn't home, then slammed it shut. Officers forced entry into the apartment and Charfauros came crawling out of the east bedroom.

Once outside, officers asked Charfauros if there were any guns, drugs or anyone else inside, but the defendant was uncooperative, Runyon said.

A number of officers were called to assist, including Wilson. Once inside, an officer kicked in the door of the west bedroom and "all hell broke loose at that point," Runyon said. Wilson, 50, was shot in the head and died a short time later.

Charfauros had not told law enforcement that Lee and his girlfriend, Lucky Xayasene, were living in the apartment and that four guns and a shotgun were "waiting on those officers," Runyon said. Charfauros also failed to inform officers that Patrick Luangrath and Melissa Ortiz were in the apartment.

The bodies of Lee -- believed to be the shooter -- and Xayasene were found in the west bedroom with self-inflicted gunshot wounds. 

Charfauros' probation officer, Bobby Burns, criticized the defendant for not letting him and other officers know of the danger that awaited them in the apartment, even though Burns had tried to help Charfauros in the past. 

"I have to believe the plan was for me to die that night," Burns said.

Luangrath and Ortiz pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. Luangrath was sentenced to more than 22 years behind bars. Ortiz will be sentenced next month.