SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A road rage fight on a local freeway is caught on camera and appears online. A local college football player appears to have posted video of himself punching another driver in the face.

The recorded confrontation only lasts about 20 seconds and in the video viewers can see a 20-year-old man punch another driver in the face because he cut him off on Interstate 15. It was that 20-year-old that was the one who posted the alleged road rage incident, calling it "San Diego I-15 Freeway Road Rage Gone Bad."

Now the California Highway Patrol is investigating.

YouTube video posted by “Ramirez Vibe" claims he punched a driver on the side of Interstate 15 under Balboa because he cut him off and uploaded the video.

The video which was published Sunday is only 21 seconds long and a passenger in the backseat is recording the confrontation.

Then the man identified on Instagram as 20-year-old "Omar Ramirez" punches the man wearing the black shirt and pants in the face, knocking off his glasses.

The man looks stunned and stumbles back to his car, while the passenger taking the video calls for "Omar" to get back in the car"

On YouTube, the description of the incident has been edited, but says:

"So this (EXPLETIVE) tried to cut me off and when I denied his foolish (expletive) his road rage spontaneously appeared then quickly disappeared he threatened to "bust up" me and my younger brothers which was when my natural protective instinct took over and this is what happen. I don't like violence I am a very spiritual person but this (expletive) was being way too aggressive towards me and my bros and I had to protect them as well as myself. The police was called and everything was resolved that same day."

CBS News 8 shared this video with the CHP who hadn't seen it and says officers are sharing it with investigators who are working to find out if this was reported, contact the victim and if there is a crime.

Earlier in the day, Omar Ramirez posted on Instagram that he'd been at Potato Chip Rock on Mt Woodson. He plays defensive back at Mesa College.

Ramirez returned our call after the story aired to say he pulled over because the man motioned for him to pull over. He said the man was threatening him and he wanted to protect himself. He says the man reported it to San Diego Police.