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Matt Baylow

Weeknights, 5PM, 6:30PM & 11PM

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"Morning low clouds then sunny and 70 by noon...oh, if it were only that simple!"

CBS News 8 Meteorologist Matt Baylow's job would be so much easier if that was all there was to San Diego skies. With El Nino related storms, Santa Ana winds, the ever-stubborn marine layer (AKA June gloom) and so many microclimates, any meteorologist would find forecasting in San Diego challenging. And with weather that can vary greatly by even just a couple of miles, Matt welcomes that challenge every weeknight on CBS News 8 at 5PM, 6:30PM and 11PM.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Matt began his career at a small station in Rochester, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Psychology and Climatology and went on to earn the American Meteorological Society's Seal of Approval for Television Weathercasting in 1984. In addition to his university degree, Matt is also a certified Master Gardener.

After graduation, Matt spent six years in Las Vegas as Chief Meteorologist for KTNV-TV. Matt then jumped back to the Midwest, taking a job as Weekend Meteorologist for WCCO-TV in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Matt was with WCCO-TV for 10 years before joining the CBS News 8 team.

People love to talk about the weather, and so does Matt. "When someone comes up to me and asks a question like 'Just what is this El Nino thing all about?' I don't mind one bit. Weather is the one element of the newscast that affects absolutely everyone." He also considers education to be a part of his job, so expect to see him speaking at a school near you on Microclimate Weather Wednesdays.

With two dozen relatives in San Diego county, Matt feels right at home here. "I spent most of my summers here. I remember Memorial Day at Quatro Casas in Baja with some surfing buddies, volleyball on the sand at Pacific Beach, driving my cousins to Little League practice...the usual routine."

In his spare time, you'll find Matt relaxing in the great outdoors. He enjoys camping in the desert, getting wet with his jet ski and riding his bike on the many trails in San Diego county. Wherever you find him, you'll find he keeps one eye on the weather.