SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - In response to severe winter storms that wreaked havoc on San Diego’s roadways, Mayor Faulconer plans to triple pothole repair crews in San Diego.

Mayor Faulconer was joined by City Councilmember Monica Montgomery Thursday to announce a major expansion of the city’s pothole repair program to fill thousands of potholes that developed during heavy rains over the past few months.

Mayor Faulconer has reprioritized resources to nearly triple the number of pothole repair teams from nine to 26 crews per day. These two-person crews will be working extended hours and on weekends to make repairs following one of the wettest winters in recent memory.

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According to the city, it typically fills about 30,000 potholes each fiscal year. This fiscal year crews have fixed 25,000 and counting in less than nine months – on pace to far exceed a typical year.

"The condition of our streets has been a longstanding concern of our residents," Montgomery said. "I am happy to join Mayor Faulconer as our city crews work to fill the annual 2,500 potholes in our district making roads safer and more drivable for residents."

San Diegans are encouraged to make repair requests through the city’s Get It Done application via smartphone app and computer tool. Progress of those street repairs can also be tracked at the city's Streets SD website, located at

"Our roads took a beating from repeated storms so we're going to take advantage of this dry spell to fill as many potholes as we can," Faulconer said. "We've heard San Diegans loud and clear and we're making this a top priority."