SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Fresh off the battle over tourism dollars, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is already looking ahead to a big celebration in Balboa Park.

He's already making plans for the park's centennial anniversary which will happen in 2015.

"It's going to be on the map for what to do in 2015," Mayor Filner told News 8 Sunday.

It's at the center of San Diego's city attractions and the center of a recently resolved city dispute.

"They didn't keep an agreement with me last week about funding the Balboa Park Centennial. That's going to bring in more tourists than anything else that year."

The Tourism Marketing District on Friday agreed to write a check for $500,000 to go toward the planning of the Balboa Park Centennial.

But just what will the big 2015 celebration have in it?

Mayor Filner already has ideas how to spend the estimated $40 to $50 million it will cost for an event on a global stage.

"Every two weeks, for example, a new city or country will be the focal point of an international exhibit."

The mayor is considering lighting up the Coronado bridge during the year-long festival. Also, bringing in new sculptures and artwork for display inside the popular park.

On top of that, a park committee is fighting a ruling against their plan to rid the center of the park with cars in time for 2015.

All of that costs money for the Balboa Park projects and the mayor thinks the TMD could be more invested in.

"They're whining about not having enough money for this or that and yet they're paying these incredible salaries to people who I'm not sure are doing the right job anyway."

While they say the dispute is settled, for now the mayor wants to end old habits and find new ones for everyone in San Diego.

"I would like to get the city out of advertising and have the city do what it does. Whatever we do for our citizens and residents is good for tourists, believe me."