It was a friendly wager Mayor Jerry Sanders, a week ago, was sure he would win. Unfortunately, the Chargers couldn't come through last Sunday against the Steelers. Now it's time for Mayor Jerry Sanders to honor his bet with Pittsburgh's mayor. That means donning a Steelers jersey while hanging out with the penguins at Sea World.

Sanders was photographed inside the Penguin Encounter exhibit at SeaWorld, wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers hat and jersey, holding a "terrible towel," in salute of the black and gold defense, and standing next to a pair of skis.

That was the bet Sanders made with Ravenstahl before the game.

Had the unthinkable happened and the Chargers won, Ravenstahl would have had to return a photo of himself in Chargers swim trunks, standing with a surfboard donated by Bob's Mission Surf Shop in front of one of Pittsburgh's three rivers.

But Sanders wasn't too upset about losing the bet.

"Seeing these penguins up close was really incredible," he said.

"It was 20 degrees in the Penguin Encounter -- a lot like Pittsburgh, in fact. When I walked outside, it was a perfect San Diego day -- sunny and 75. In San Diego, even when we lose, we win," Sanders said.