SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Hollywood stars on Wednesday walked the red carpet in San Diego as Marines and their families at MCAS Miramar were treated to an exclusive screening of the season three premier of USA Network’s “Shooter.”

The crowd was a collective group of service members, veterans and their families. Dozens waited in line for a chance to snap a picture and meet the cast of the hit show.

For Johni Smith, who serves in the Navy, it was a special moment to share with her son, David. “It means a lot because it's not every day that we get an opportunity to run into somebody like this and to be able to interact with them and show our appreciation to them for making these things for us to watch.”

Among the cast who attended Wednesday night’s premier was actor Ryan Phillippe. He plays the lead role of Bob Lee Swagger, a highly decorated marine veteran sniper that is wrapped up in one thrilling conspiracy after the other.

According to Phillippe, much of the success the show has seen is all thanks to veterans that work on the show. “We think of the enlisted men and women every day when we're making this show because we're trying to get the details right. We're trying to pay the correct amount of tribute,” he said.

While everyone was excited for the premier, the actors said it was the service members, the vets and their families who truly stole the show Wednesday night. The cast said it draws on the experiences of military families. “The men who are fighting for our country, those are heroes. To be able to represent a wife of one of them is quite an honor,” said Shantel Vansanten.

The cast in attendance said premiering season three to the group is a fitting tribute to those that serve and it is an honor they hold dear.

“Shooter” season three will premiere on Thursday on the USA Network.

This past Saturday, the cast of Sicario also paid a special visit to MCAS Mirmar.