SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - A 23-year-old man on Tuesday got stuck in his home's chimney when he tried to climb in after being locked out by his parents. 

According to San Diego police, the man lives with his parents who had earlier ordered him to leave the premises for an unknown reason. 

Lowering ropes into the narrow shaft, San Diego Fire Rescue personnel managed to lift the man out, first by his hands and arms and then eventually maneuvered his entire body - covered in filthy soot out of the opening. 

Strapped to a back board, the man, whom authorities did not identify, was then lowered to the ground then placed into ambulance. He was rushed to the hospital to be checked out. 

While curious, neighbors and other onlookers were impressed and perplexed by the man's attempted mode of entry. 

It took San Diego firefighters 45 minutes to extricate the man from the narrow chimney.