SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The recent rain has been causing headaches for residents at a condo complex which has been hit by disaster before.

Residents in Mission Hills found their street flooded with three feet of water.

Over night, water pooled up on the street, flooding out a car, and sending dozens of residents scrambling to get their cars out of the garage.

"The rain just kept coming and coming. Then, someone yelled the garage was flooding. That's when everyone came out and started pulling cars out," said one resident.

Some residents thought water was actually coming out of their storm drain, instead of going down into it.

A clog created major problems for residents.

"The drains through the property were all backing up because they are all connected into the same system," said Jerry Bice who works for the HOA at a condo complex.

In December, the same area flooded, and it was those memories that made residents react quickly and move cars.

One car owner, who recently moved into the area, did not know about the flooding history. His car was damaged by the flooding.

City officials in a statement said their preliminary report indicated a large mud-slide from private property clogged the system.

Officials said they will investigate the source and work with property owners to reduce the amount of sediment and debris that flows into the drain in the future.