SAN DIEGO (CBS8) - An accused child molester is back behind bars after an alleged attempt to flee the country was thwarted by bounty hunters.

According to court documents obtained by News8, 62-year-old Patrick Pawlicki, a businessman from Santa Ysabel, changed his appearance as part of his escape plan. Investigators say Pawlicki had lost about 50 pounds, and had dyed his gray hair, eyebrows and mustache brown, when he was tracked down in Jonesboro, Georgia.

A search warrant reveals Pawlicki was charged with 8 counts of felony child molestation against 3 different children under the age of 14, but failed to appear in court on October 28, 2011. The court forfeited his bond. 

His $1 million dollar bail had been posted by King Stahlman Bail Bonds, so the company hired a bounty hunter to track down Pawlicki. Acting on an anonymous tip, a bail enforcement agent arrested Pawlicki at a hotel in Jonesboro, Georgia. Investigators say he had paid for fake documents and safe passage from San Diego, with plans to go to Miami to board a cargo ship bound for China.

Pawlicki is now back in San Diego's downtown jail, being held without bail.