SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A local single mother who is fighting a life-threatening brain tumor received a huge surprise Friday. 

A local children charity presented Terri Torres with a new car after her car was stolen. 

Torres has been battling a brain tumor for the last 18-years that has recently doubled in size. 

While suffering from painful headaches, she's the sole breadwinner for her family. Her family fell on even harder times when their family car was stolen. 

On Friday, Torres thought she was going to a counseling session with the non-profit founders of Passion-4-K.I.D.S, but when she pulled into an empty parking lot, she did not know what think. 

Alongside her grandson, Torres walked with the Van Kessler couple who directed her toward the tremendous surprise. Torres was given a black Volkswagen Jetta GLI. 

"We know that you have a need that's really great right now, and we want to present you with your car," said Linda Van Kessler as Torres broke down in tears. 

Torres was overwhelmed by the surprised. 

"I am thankful to you and what you're doing to  us and being part of my family," said Torres. 

Giving a struggling parent free transportation to her cancer treatments is part of Passion-4-K.I.D.S promise. 

"This is what we live for. This brings us so much joy we feel like we are just one phone call away from being these people," said Van Kessler. 

Linda Van Kessler once worked for President Gerald Ford and evangelist Billy Graham before teaming with her husband Charles whose brainchild was to give back to undeserved kids. 

"We get more joy and pleasure out of this than probably the recipients. It's hard to imagine," said Charles Van Kessler. 

Even harder for Torres to imagine that the new set of wheels will help her get back on her feet. 

"I've never experienced anything like this. I have had a lot of struggles and going through a lot of struggles, so to have some happy news, something positive, really takes the load off of us," she said. 

Terry said she is planning to have surgery done to remove the tumor. Once she gets better, she said she would love to give back to another struggling parent through the Passion-4-K.I.D.S charity.