SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — School is out and that means the kids will be home, looking for something to do this summer.  

Parents, before you panic, there are so many options for summer camps.  

Helping to find the perfect fit for your family and budget is CEO and founder of MomCo Jillian Darlington.  

Momco was inspired by her own life experiences as a mom looking for friendship and as a small business owner of an indoor playground.  

Jillian says her greatest passion lies in helping moms find the support and resources they need to happily navigate their way through motherhood.  

With school coming to an end, Jillian is putting together her top picks for summer camps including free and inexpensive camps in San Diego, as well as more outrageous experiences.    

Click on the links below to find more information on and sign up for local summer camps: 

Activities and day camps (free-$175 per week):  

Checkout your local church or rec center  

Day camps ($200-$275 per week):  


Kroc Center  

Specialty camps ($249-$450): 

Aztec Baseball Camp  

Surf Camp  

Sleep-away camps ($575-$650 per week): 

Camp Cahito 

Other resources: 

San Diego Family Magazine  

Parks and Recreation