SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Getting you motivated this Monday is health and wellness expert Christine Lusita.

Christine recently attended the Natural Products Expo and shared with Morning Extra some of the most popular trends she saw. She also has info on fitness trends to watch for this spring.

Some of the products and companies Christine discussed include:

You Are Loved Foods: Sugar-free, gluten-free, keto and diabetic friendly desserts. They are sweetened with pure monk extract which was a huge trend at the conference.

Planet Fitness has a black card sale going for three days starting on Monday: $1 down, $21.99 a month includes free personal training, free workout buddy, free access to any of their 1,700 clubs, massages and more.

The Maple Guild: Maple and vinegar products were another big trend at the conference. The Maple Guild sells Tapt - maple-sweetened post workout water, new gut-healthy kombucha and Switchel beverages. Note: some of these new products are not on the website because they are brand-new and debuted at the expo.

Bodybar by Body Rock is a new trend in in-home fitness.They have millions of followers in their streamable community.

Feel Good Lab’s turmeric-infused sports recovery cream is a first-of-its-kind product that created a lot of buzz at the expo. Turmeric-infused products were huge this year at the show according to Christine.