SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - She spent a lifetime waging war with the memory of her parents. Then author, Anya Yurchyshyn, uncovered secrets that helped her broker peace.

Anya says when her parents passed away, years apart, she actually felt a sense of relief. But then after cleaning out her mother's cluttered home, Anya says she found something that sent her off on a long journey to find out who her parents really were.

In 2010, Anya started an anonymous blog, and then later a book called "My Dead Parents," where she posted the letters and photos she found of her parents after their deaths. Her discovery raised many questions that she attempted to answer.

In 2013, she was asked to write an essay about the project, and the response was so encouraging that she decided to go all in. Anya says she's kept the blog alive for those who want to see the project in its original, unpolished form and peruse the materials that got her excited to write the book. 
Anya visited Morning Extra with more details about her journey and what she discovered along the way.

For more information about Anya, visit her website.