SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A burglar who was caught naked breaking into a home in Mira Mesa has been identified.

Monday, police found 27-year-old Phillip Anthony McMahon standing barefoot and not wearing any clothes as he broke a window and attempted to rob a home on Merrington Place Monday afternoon.

Ken Agbayani, a resident, told CBS News 8 that the suspect attempted to break into his neighbor's home through a side window.

"The neighbor came running through my house, and I was upstairs, and she was yelling, screaming there was a naked man trying to break into her house," Agbayani explained.

Agbayani also told CBS News 8 that he confronted the man and told him police were on the way. It was at that time that an officer arrived.

"(The officer) confronted the male at gunpoint and gave him commands to surrender. At that point the male attacked the officer," SDPD Captain Albert Guaderrama said.

As the two wrestled, police say the man tried to grab the officer's gun.

"The officer was able to grab the weapon back and fire one round at the suspect. The man continued to fight with the officer and pushed him into the fence," Guaderrama said.

After the extended physical fight and being tased by an officer, McMahon was taken into custody.

He remains in the hospital and is reportedly in fair condition.