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Facebook users get mysteriously logged out Friday, react with amusement

Facebook users were mysteriously logged out all at the same time, but it was brief and led to amused reactions including, of course, the Bernie meme.

Facebook users -- thousands and maybe even more -- were all involuntarily logged out of the social media platform simultaneously Friday night. There was not an immediate answer as to why, but users who were able to get right back on were reacting with light-hearted despair.

The mass logout happened around 10:30 p.m. ET Friday. The website Downdetector.com, which monitors technical interruptions, noted a spike in reported Facebook problems around that time. There was no immediate explanation by Facebook as to why it happened or how widespread it was.

Anecdotal reports by users indicated the problem may have been limited to users on Apple devices such as iPhones. There was not much as much chatter about it from Android or desktop users.

Users jumped onto social media to talk about it. Most of the posts leaned less toward the angry and more toward mildly miffed-yet-amused.

Some used the now-popular Bernie Sanders meme to express their reaction.

The term "So Facebook" trended on Twitter as people were writing "So Facebook logged me out..."

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