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Actor Sam Elliott voices new Joe Biden World Series ad

Some were surprised the tough guy with a silky voice, who plays the modern-day cowboy, put his voice behind the Democrat; Many fellow actors supported the move.

Actor Sam Elliott has put his deep and silky voice behind a new political ad for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden which aired during Tuesday night's first World Series game. 

The actor, who recently starred "Bobby" in the 2018 hit "A Star is Born," and who's known for characters like the role as "The Stranger" in 1998's , lent his weathered voice to the ad. Social media buzzed with reactions to the one-minute video which begins with Elliot saying, "There is only one America, no Democratic rivers, no Republican mountains."

While many of Elliott's fellow actors applauded the move, many of the reactions on social media were of surprise, not aware the actor would be outspoken politically. 

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But Elliott has made his political leanings known before. In 2017 he was quoted by Metro and said of Trump's 2016 election that it was "mind-boggling." Elliott said at the time, "I think Trump won because he didn’t have someone running against him that was electable." Elliot went on to say that Trump at the time, "spoke to that vast whole out there that had been neglected forever." 

Elliot joins a list of other Hollywood actors who have been featured in videos and campaign events. Mindy Kaling, Rizwan Manji and Kumail Nanjiani participated in a South Asian block party for Biden's campaign. Samuel L. Jackson also voiced a commercial for the Biden campaign at the beginning of October.

A number of actors such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jennifer Lopez along with Alex Rodriguez have also endorsed Joe Biden.

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