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Donations pouring in but local organizations struggle sending them to Ukraine

"What we're facing now is the logistical problem how to get it from here to there in the fastest way," said volunteer Olena Bankston.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Since the attacks on Ukraine began, San Diegans have shown their generosity by donating crucial supplies to those in need.

But, one local organization says they're having trouble getting those donations overseas.

At the House of Ukraine in Balboa Park, people have been dropping off everything from medicine to diapers, even helmets for those fighting on the front lines.

“And those are really touching, because they'll talk about oh those used to be my late father’s or my late husband’s and he served in Iraq or some other places. It's touching to hear those stories," said House of Ukraine volunteer, Olena Bankston.

Bankston, whose parents are from Ukraine, says the outpouring of support has been overwhelming. It's so overwhelming, volunteers are now faced with a growing obstacle.

"What we're facing now is the logistical problem how to get it from here to there in the fastest way," said Bankston.

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Currently, anything brought to the House of Ukraine, is then transported to a warehouse in Talmadge.

From there, donations are sorted through, boxed up, and put onto a truck, which takes the supplies to Los Angeles, where a flight leaves once a week headed for Poland.

"There's only one flight a week that we can afford to get it to where it needs to go, so we're looking for other avenues, other methods. And, that's where we're asking for help. If anybody has access to shipping companies, maybe chartering another flight to get it to go Poland or other places in Eastern Europe where they can get it to Ukraine," said Bankston.

Bankston says while no physical donations will be turned away, she hopes people will consider giving cash instead, saying many of the items needed can be purchased in Western Europe closer to the conflict.

"It will get there immediately. They know what they need."

If you'd like to help, or know of someone who can, you can contact the House of Ukraine directly or its president, Mira Rubin at 805-680-1974.

You can also donate money through their website.

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