SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Who knew there was a special day just for gals to celebrate their special friendships with other women?

National Girlfriends Day is all about celebrating that special bond between you and the girls- the friends that you can call and cry to, the friends that tell you you’re pretty and alert you when you have broccoli stuck in your teeth.

Etiquette expert Elaine Swann joined News 8’s Heather Myers to talk about what it means to be a great friend to another woman in your life, and offered tips on how to strengthen and maintain the bonds you know deep down you don’t ever want to let go.

Two things Swann stresses is loyalty is loyalty and low maintenance. Don’t be needy. Quality of time spent should trump quantity of time spent. Sometimes in our adult lives we get pulled away from our friends by our family or career, but good friends hold each other in their hearts and don’t take it as a slight if it’s been awhile since you last got together.

If you want to show your gal pal that you care, Swann says, then tap into their hobbies and the things they enjoy, even if that means provoking some of their guilty pleasures. For example, you know your girl has a soft spot for cupcakes, but also know that she’s been on a strict gym regimen and likely isn’t treating herself to them. Go out of your way to pick one up for her and load it with her favorite frosting. Tell her you’re proud of her hard work and that she deserves a treat and all the joy it brings with it.

Swann offered all sorts of advice and guidelines for fostering a girl-strong friendship during the interview and has even more on her personal website,