MISSION VALLEY (NEWS 8) - Four thief suspects made a big mistake at the Mission Valley Westfield Panera Bread Wednesday night when they targeted NCIS agents. 

San Diego Police confirmed the NCIS agents were eating at the Panera Bread when four suspects tried to slide by the agents. 

The restaurant's manager told News 8 she was on her lunch break when she saw the female NCIS agent jump into action. 

"They were lingering inside. They were not getting any food. They were walked out of the store, came out grabbed the phone and sprinted away. The lady that was sitting here, she got up and sprinted after them. She was quick. She was on their tail," said Alyssa Kiehn. 

A brief foot chase ended across the street in the Staples and In-n-Out parking lot. One of the suspects was tased. 

Kiehn said she asked the agent's friend, who stayed behind, if her friend was okay. "I kept asking if she was okay. She kept telling me they were perfectly capable." 

According to Kiehn, Panera Bread surveillance captured the thieves, but could not share the footage with News 8 because it is now being used as evidence. 

Police said they are reviewing it for the case and to learn more about the other suspects that got away. 

Anyone with information is asked to call police.