You've probably heard that stress can lead to burnout, health problems, and can in general make it really hard to focus on your task at hand. If you are looking for a way to prevent, reduce and eliminate stress from your daily or work life, then it’s time to Relaxercise. 

Instructor Cindy de Groot describes Relaxercise as a concept of a training that combines relaxation exercises with stress management techniques. A typical class fuses breathing techniques, visualisation and progressive relaxation techniques, yoga, pilates and tai chi exercises.

Cindy started her career in 2003 and has since become an international teacher of all things relaxing and reconnecting. Her main goal is to help people better connect with themselves and others through movement and relaxation while motivating them to make healthy life choices and changes, and giving them tools to cope with stress. She originally hails from the Netherlands and now resides in Oceanside.

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