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Neighborhood Warning: Coyotes killing pets then napping in yards

Coyotes are taking over a North County neighborhood and are killing pets in their own yards.

CARMEL MOUNTAIN (NEWS 8) – Coyotes are taking over a North County neighborhood and are killing pets in their own yards.

Carmel Mountain Ranch residents know all about coyotes in their canyon and the dangers they can cause. On Friday, they spread the word out to warn others.

One Carmel Mountain Ranch family, who has lived in the area for ten years, said they never thought the day would come when a very aggressive coyote would kill their beloved dog.

One resident came face-to-face with a coyote relaxing on a lawn with no plans to leave.

“Those animals are in your backyard and this is what their natural behavior is,” said Lauren Dubois, director of Wildlife Rehab, Project Wildlife.

Still, residents remain on high alert after a reported aggressive coyote fatally attacked a rabbit and then viciously killed a family dog.

One resident, who would only identify herself as Cathy, said she is broken-hearted after finding her dog, Lucy, decapitated in her backyard.

“Our neighbor saw the coyote jump out at about 4:30 in the morning. She [her dog] was there, just laying on her side half-eaten with organs all over,” she said.

Lucy was a small Corgi-Chihuahua mix and about 20-pounds.

While there is no canyon in Cathy’s backyard, she said the coyote came from the street by her mailbox and hopped over her five-foot wooden fence.

Since Lucy’s death, Cathy fears to take her tiny Toy-Poodle out for walks. “I just wish somebody would do something about it.”

Project Wildlife of the San Diego Humane Society advised residents to make their backyards as uncomfortable as possible.

“It’s a very sad story, but really coyotes are doing what their instinctively wanting to do – which is hunting for food,” said Lauren Dubois.

Coyote Safety Tips:

  • - Install a fence higher than six feet
  • - Put coyote rollers on fence
  • - Set up bright lights
  • - Don't leave food outside
  • - Keep trash covered
  • - Keep dogs on a leash

Lucy’s family said they followed most the above steps, but the coyote still got to her.

Their advice is to be very watchful.