SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) -  A new report from the Alzheimer's Association is show a growing burden of Alzheimer's on people living with the disease, their families, caregivers, as well as society at large. 
Since the year 2000, there has been a 241% increase in Alzheimer's deaths in California. 

For the second consecutive year, total payments to care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias will surpass a quarter of a trillion dollars ($277 billion), which includes an increase of nearly $20 billion from last year.
Dr. Hector Gonzalez of the Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Research Center at UCSD and Randi Kolender-Hock, daughter of the late Sheriff Bill Kolender and an advocate for the Alzheimer's Association joined News 8 Morning Extra to talk about some staggering statistics and what is being done to combat the disease.

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