SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Balboa Park has a new official app that will help visitors navigate one of San Diego's crown jewels.

The days of getting lost in the park filled with museums are history because the new app organizes all of the park's museums, hiking trails, dog parks and will even find your car.

When it comes to mapping out a day, Nick Honeysett from Balboa Park's Online Collaborative wants tourists to let their fingers do the walking, instead of their feet.

Balboa Park's wifi networks is one of the strongest on the West coast, and they're weeks away from doubling their bandwidth.

Now, visitors can find with ease a bathroom along with park activities that are updated daily. The new app is interactive, which means visitors can download pictures and leave comments.

The app launched in March, and by word of mouth alone, 4,000 people are already using it.

From picnic areas, to fun for kids, the app even includes a feature called 'find my car.'

The new Balboa Park app is free and so is the public wifi throughout the park.