SAN DIEGO (CBS8) - A new California law aimed at keeping children safe from sex-offenders online will take effect in January. 

The law requires sex offenders who used the internet when committing their crime provide their online identities to law enforcement. 

"In this growing internet era, we have learned that this tool has become extremely popular for sex crimes and we must take all action to protect our children when they use the internet," said Calif. Sen. Ben Hueso in a press release. "As the father of four sons, I worry about the safety of my children when they use the internet. I am proud to be the author of this measure, and look forward to the most popular people's initiative in history finally being able to take full effect."

Senate Bill 448 allows sex offenders 30 working days to turn in all their internet identities to law enforcement. Failure to meet this new obligation could face misdemeanor charges.