SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — As the calendar flipped to July at midnight Sunday, a number of new laws went into effect. Two big ones involve the packaging of pot products and cracking down on rideshare drivers who have a few drinks before transporting passengers.

The new packaging was being used starting Sunday for products at marijuana dispensaries like Urban Leaf in the Morena area. Six months after California legalized cannabis sales, the state is instituting new regulations for the packaging starting July 1.

"The new requirements are a child resistant package moving forward July 1, along with a unique identifier, license information, who made it, who grew it," said an employee at Urban Leaf.

The law also bans any product that regulators think might be marketed toward children - like gummies and other edibles. Stores must destroy all products of that kind that didn't sell before July 1.

Behind the scenes, manufacturers must test products for pesticides and chemicals.

"We're trying to take the hit as much as we can, but there is a potential for some slight price increase as we get a price increase as well," said Urban Leaf founder Will Senn.

With another new law, the state is also cracking down on drivers who carry passengers for a charge - like Uber or Lyft.

Starting Sunday, it's illegal for those drivers to drive with a blood alcohol level higher than .04.

"People count on these drivers to get them home when they've been drinking, they don't expect them to be drinking," said San Diego Police Office John Perdue. "They should be held to that standard of a lower BAC level."

Officer Perdue says three rideshare drivers were arrested recently at checkpoints with blood alcohol levels above .08.

The new limit is half that and already the standard for commercial drivers. The state decided to expand it as a way to keep roads safer.

"I've had a driver, me personally, had a rideshare driver blow under the .08 so no enforcement was taken, but I personally advised him the dangers of what he was doing," said Perdue.