SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Law enforcement will be cracking down on drinking and driving during the Labor Day weekend, but unfortunately, not everyone will get the message.

For those who do get pulled over, there is a new app that allows users to contact an attorney at the push of a button.

Close to a thousand users nationwide have downloaded the app, but it's definitely not without its critics.

The controversial new smartphone app is known as "Duey Dialer."

The app is currently available on Android devices. At a push of a button, the device will connect a driver to a lawyer in their state who will be contacted in real time about time and location of the stop.

The app will also record the audio of the driver's interaction with law enforcement officials.

The app has come under fire by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and some law enforcement, but its creators made it clear the app is a tool to help drivers preserve their right to an attorney.

The creators said it is not a get out of jail free card.

"Duey Dialer does not condone drinking and driving. We want people to be careful and responsible when they go out," said the app's creators.

California Highway Patrol did not comment on the app itself, but did make it clear that anyone caught under the influence while driving will pay the consequences.

The creators of the app are planning to launch a new app called "Traffic Dialer," which will connect drivers with legal representation if they are involved in other types of traffic stops or in an accident.