SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The building of a fence to separate Del Cerro from nearby Adobe Falls and the canyon below is speeding up after a local murder case took the issue front and center.

On Sunday, 20-year-old Eduardo Torres allegedly broke into a Del Cerro home, threatening two women at knifepoint before fatally stabbing one and sexually assaulting the other.

For years residents in the area complained about graffiti, trespassing and vandalism, but on Thursday, residents took matters into their own hands.

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Torres allegedly jumped a fence into the next-door neighbor's yard and broke into that home on Mill Peak Road, the prosecutor said.

According to police, they are not sure if he accessed the home through the canyon.

Residents said they have complained about trespassers going into the canyon for years, but the majority of the canyon is owned by San Diego State University.

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On Wednesday, the university installed markers for what potentially could be a fence.

A spokesperson for SDSU said they have asked for extra patrols in the neighborhood.

Eduardo Torres faces charges of forcible oral copulation, assault during a burglary and torture, will face the death penalty or life in prison without parole if convicted.