SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - There's new information Wednesday about the victim of a horrible crash outside a downtown nightclub.

Dominique Gambale is recovering at the hospital after she was pinned against a wall by a taxi and nearly lost her leg. Her lawyer is now speaking out about her ordeal.

Attorney Vincent Bartolotta has now been retained by Dominique Gamale. The taxi pinned her against a wall, slicing her leg down to the bone.

"She may still lose her leg. She may still lose that leg eight years out because of latent infections that are known to happen in he reconstruction," attorney Vincent Barltootta, Jr. said.

Bartolotta says doctors at UCSD have planned an exploratory procedure for Thursday, with several surgeons taking a look to see where they go from here. The cost of her medical care?

"Oh, they're going to be in the millions for sure," Bartolotta said.

News 8 has learned that the taxi's driver, Sam Daly, has been issued at least 8 citations since 2004, and was at fault for an accident in 2005 and another in 2006. But Bartolotta makes it clear right now that Daly isn't the only one under the microscope.

"We'll look at every potential cause of action. Was there an issue or problem with the roadway where it occurred, an issue with the establishment where people were coming, Is there an issue with the driver himself, what about the vehicle the driver was driving," Bartolotta said.

Bartolotta says at this point his investigation into the accident is just beginning. He still has more questions than answers, but when it comes to his client there's one thing he already knows for sure.

"She's going to need care for probably the rest of her life and obviously they need to have that paid for. They didn't cause this tragedy," he said.