SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – There are new developments Wednesday in the fight for a new stadium in San Diego as another proposal was brought forward.

Former city councilwoman Donna Frye pitched an idea this week promoting the development of a massive river park along with a new stadium instead of a mixed-use development.

"Nobody is going to come visit San Diego and say, let's go to Mission Valley and see all the condos. That's just not going to happen,” says former councilwoman Donna Frye. "It seems to me, the thing we don't have in Mission Valley that we could use a whole lot more of is a San Diego River park.”

Frye says that she supports building the new stadium but she insists that they get rid of plans to build a “concrete jungle” around it.

"I would love to see a trail that goes all the way around Qualcomm that people could ride their bikes on and run. I would love to see soccer fields, I would love to see some basketball courts."

Frye's plan doesn't end there. She says that she wants to see the river cleaned up, which could be used as a tailgate area on game days and a place San Diegan's can enjoy year round.

"I would also like to see some appreciation for the natural flow of the San Diego River and maybe some educational facilities. Maybe get San Diego State to have some classrooms there and bring in some kids that could do math and science in a natural environment," says Frye.

According to Frye, her plans for Mission Valley wouldn't cost the tax payers. She says that the development that is already taking place in Mission Valley requires developers to provide mitigation and pay impact fees.

"They have to provide parkland anyway. So rather than use their acreage, use the city owned land and put in the facilities. That's just one idea.”

CBS News 8 reached out to the city to ask them what they think of Frye's idea, but so far there has been no response.

"This could be Kevin Faulconer's and every other elected official's legacy. That they gave something back to the city and keep the Chargers. Its a win-win."

Last week, the Chargers broke off negotiations with the city, but city officials are still moving forward with plans for a new stadium at the current Mission Valley Site.

They met with NFL officials Tuesday in New York and they plan to meet with them again in July in San Diego.