NATIONAL CITY (CBS 8) - National City is the most densely populated city in San Diego County. As way to get more parking spots and "safer" bike lanes, the city implemented "reverse angle parking" where drivers are now required to back into slanted parking spots as posted.

Backing into a parking spot can be a challenge and the stakes are even higher when you’re required to reverse park diagonally.

“The fear factor and the fact that we just don't do it that way though it’s a million times easier than parallel parking,” said Ron Morrison, National City mayor.

Morrison says as a way to cut down on accidents, the city put in the slanted spaces with one catch: You have to back in.

“They're a little sharper angle than normal diagonal parking, It allows someone to turn stop and then turn their wheels and back into a spot," Morrison said.

He got the idea from a busy district in Washington D.C. a decade ago.

"Found out it was legal in California, it just wasn't done," he said.

So for the last year, near 4th Street and Euclid and coming soon down D avenue, the rules are posted and there’s even a tutorial video.

"Once people get used to it they love it."

So we test it out, and it does take some skill and patience.

Morrison said it adds full visibility in both directions if someone is coming on the bicycle path.

The new angled spots under construction along D Avenue should be completed by Dec. 7.

You can watch the city's tutorial here: