SAN DIEGO — San Diego Comic-Con is a tech-friendly crowd with a growing number of people who communicate solely through their phones. Jeff Zevely from the Zevely Zone took the new News 8 App to biggest party in town.  

For the sake of context, Jeff started the day with the following announcement: "Comic-Con is all about mixing it up. I have been wearing my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume for years but this event shines a light on the the latest and greatest so I am here to talk to the four time winner of the Comic-Con Masquerade," said Zevely.  

"Oh, that costume again?" said Belle Benson.  

There's nothing like getting your bell rung by the Bell of the Ball. Belle Benson is a Comic-Con chameleon. She dresses up in a new costume every year.

"Yeoman Rand, I did Cat Woman, I did X Men," said Benson.  

Belle has won four separate categories in the Comic-Con Masquerade costume contest where judges love a new look. 

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In addition to the costumes, Comic-Con is all about launching new TV shows, video games, movies and more. This year, KFMB Stations is offering the new News 8 app.  

Jeff stood on the floor of the convention center in front of a crowd of people demonstrating. 

"Super easy, you just download it, then all of your favorite topics are here from animals to weather, breaking news and sports, then scroll to the bottom and favorite or star the Zevely Zone. Then anytime I do a new story you are notified immediately," said Jeff.

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Comic-Con encourages the freedom of expression, so why not personalize the type of information you're interested in? Jeff put the theory to the test and approached a character who calls himself Dude Vader.

"Have you heard about our News 8 app?" asked Jeff.  

"Yes, I have it on my phone!" said Vader.  

"This is going quite well," laughed Jeff.   

Dude Vader must be the lighter side of the dark side because when Jeff attacked him with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle karate chop, Dude Vader asked him to go easy. 

"Not so hard please, you could crack the plastic," said Dude Vader. He's not quite as tough as Darth Vader but still a master of mind control.

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Random people started approaching Jeff to say: "Download the app." They were telling everyone at Comic-Con how to step into the future. "Scroll to the bottom. Favorite the Zevely Zone. Enjoy."

When you keep up with news on the go, the force will always be with you.  The News 8 App is loaded with great features and available now. Download it from your App Store.  The COMIC-CON Masquerade takes place Saturday night at 8:30 pm.