SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A dramatic ending to a police chase Thursday when officers sent in a K9 to take down the suspect.

Afterward the dog looked as if he had collapsed and News 8 received calls from many viewers concerned about his health.

On Friday, it was reported that Marko is doing just fine.

Marko helped take down Rafael Castro, who is suspected of auto theft and evading police.

Corporal Raziel Quiroga and Marko have been partners for four years. They train weekly for scenarios like the one from Thursday.

“It is very reassuring knowing that I have him – that I can use him if necessary,” said Quiroga.

Initially, police were not going to use Marko because there was another dog in the truck, but when Castro stepped out it gave them the chance.

“We took him to an emergency vet overnight. He is now back here in Bonita safe and sound with no ill effects of the pepper balls. Now, we are waiting for the owners to show up,” said Quiroga.

Meanwhile, Marko was not hurt and joined Quiroga back at work the next day.

As for the suspect, Quiroga said “I hope for the best for the guy. Too bad it happened, but it don’t have anything against him. I just hope he gets better.”

Marko even received and extra treat in his dog bowl. “Every time we have an apprehension arrest, I give him an extra treat,” said Quiroga.