SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Most people are familiar with action cameras that record HD video. Now the technology has advanced and 360 cameras are flooding the consumer market.

News 8’s Shawn Styles hit the Mission Beach boardwalk and Ocean Beach skate park with an Insta360 camera, which costs about $150.

Take a beach cruise on the boardwalk with one of these cameras and all angles are recorded, hence the name 360.

The Insta360 may look a bit geeky on the top of a bike helmet but the reason the 360 camera sticks up higher than a normal action is so it can record video in all directions, including up and down.

Dramatic video moves are done by using free editing software, after you download the video clips onto your computer.

You can manipulate the video from standard to ultra-wide angle.

But you don’t have to edit to view the raw 360 video.

By simply uploading unedited clips to Facebook or YouTube, you can play the video in 360 mode. Both social media platforms recognize the 360 video format automatically.

While watching a clip on YouTube you can spin the video to face forward or back, up or down.

The possibilities are endless.

Mission Beach Boardwalk - 360 Video

Another cool thing about 360 cameras is you don't necessarily have to wear the camera or move the device around.

You can put the camera on a tripod in the center of skate park, for example, and record video of the entire park.

The editing software can make it appear like the camera is panning and following a skateboard rider, but the camera actually never moves.

You can play around with different wide angles until to get the effect you like.

Ocean Beach Skate Park – 360 Effects

The Insta360 can also be attached to an iPhone and the video streamed live on Facebook or YouTube. Viewers can watch the video on Facebook and spin the video around to see any angle live.