SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Members of Occupy San Diego set up about 25 tents in Civic Center Plaza Monday, but it was a far cry from a return to the tent city days of past weeks.

Numerous tents were set up throughout the plaza after the Occupy San Diego movement began Oct. 7, but police twice swept in and had them taken down.

In a statement to the media earlier Monday, Occupy San Diego spokesman Mike Garcia said the tents would return, but did not indicate they would be miniature versions. The tents, about two feet in diameter and made from cloth and wire, elicited laughter from supporters.

The protesters asked San Diego police Assistant Chief Boyd Long if they would be cited if they left the tents up in the plaza during their committee meetings, and he said no citations would be given out. His response resulted in cheers from the protesters, several of whom shook his hand.

Occupy San Diego members marched into the plaza carrying the mini-tents and chanted their manifesto, which included the phrase, "These tents are symbols of our reoccupation."

Garcia said they took the action in response to the arrest of a disabled member of the group on Thanksgiving morning, and in solidarity with Occupy movements in other cities and with protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.

Long and other police officials have said since the movement began that the protesters could demonstrate in the plaza but not set up tents.