SAN DIEGO (CBS 8/ CNS) - An auto theft suspect led officers on a roundabout chase from the Stockton area to Mount Hope late Tuesday afternoon before crashing the stolen car he was driving and getting arrested.

San Diego Police said the 15-minute chase started when an officer responded to a woman's call about a relative stealing her Nissan. 

While enroute, the officer spotted the car and said the driver was unresponsive and could not be coaxed out of the car and took off. 

The chase began shortly before 5 p.m. at 31st and L streets, according to San Diego police. The suspect fled over various city streets, including Imperial Avenue and Ocean View Boulevard, eventually running over a tire- flattening spike strip that officers had laid out in his path.

CBS News 8 Chopper reporter and retired CHP officer Phil Konstantin said a pit maneuver could have been used were intersections cleared, but officer have to consider passing traffic and families in their yards. 

The man soon entered Interstate 5 and fled to the north, then merged onto state Route 15 in Southcrest.

A short time later, the suspect lost control of the stolen Nissan Altima while trying to enter eastbound state Route 94, causing it to fishtail and slide to a halt on a dirt median, Officer Dino Delimitros said.

Police sent a service dog into the sedan through a passenger-side window, then surrounded the vehicle with guns drawn, pulled the driver out and took him into custody about 5:20 p.m.

Police said they the dog was deployed because the suspect refused to come out for the car. 

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of DUI, felony evading police and auto theft, among other charges. 

The suspect's name was not immediately available.

Police said the driver is known to them. 

During the chase speeds reached about 25-30 miles-per-hour while on surface streets, and 70-MPH, on the interstate.