SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A wrong way turn almost turns tragic for a tourist whose rental car got stuck on some train tracks.

The man involved in this accident was able to get out of the car, unload some of his belongings and call 911. But an oncoming train still hit the car and pushed it a half a city block.

Video shows what is left of a rental car after the driver, a man in his 60's visiting from Philadelphia, says GPS directions mistakenly guided him onto the train tracks instead of a road.

The driver involved in the accident didn't speak to News 8, but Mike Getz, an Amtrak machinist did.

Getz says this is the fourth dangerous incident in just three weeks, late at night where GPS directed drivers either close to or onto train and trolley tracks.

"The common factor is, every single one tells me the same thing... they had their GPS running, and it tells them to turn left," he said.

Getz says drivers are getting confused near Kettner Boulevard and B Street.

The driver involved Friday morning's accident near Grape Street and Kettner escaped without injury.

But Getz believes without additional street safety signs and public safety warnings to drivers following GPS -- it's just a matter of time until someone gets killed.