ESCONDIDO (CBS 8) - One man is dead, and his partner is in police custody, in a suspected domestic homicide in a residential neighborhood on Escondido's east side Saturday, police said.

It happened about 11 a.m. in the 2000 block of Lee Drive at North Midway Drive, near El Norte Parkway at Lincoln Avenue, police Lt. Neal Griffin said.

Officers arrived and found the suspect, Ehren Dragt, 35, on the doorstep of the couple's residence. Police say he was having a hard time breathing and they found his domestic partner dead inside a bedroom.

The initial call was from someone out of state who was concerned someone was hurt inside of the couple's home.

Escondido police believe the 35-year-old killed his partner early Saturday morning - hours before anyone responded.

Police didn't find any weapons at the couple's house and they didn't see any visible wounds on the victim. They say they're not entirely sure how Dragt allegedly killed his partner, but they add he may have said incriminating things to police.

On Dragt's Facebook page, he writes that both he and his partner are from Oregon. His last post was made at around 2:30 a.m. it reads: "I want to apologize for anyone I have wronged."

One neighbor told CBS News 8 that the couple never showed any signs of dysfunction and she plans to look after a pet that needs a new home.

Dragt was treated at a local hospital for dehydration. Upon his release, he will be placed in custody, police said.

Investigators continued searching the home for evidence Saturday evening. A cause of death has not been revealed.