SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A picture shared by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department on Facebook, showing an adorable K9 sitting in an Amazon delivery box, has gone viral.

The photo was shared in an effort to raise awareness about package thieves. The K9’s handler posted the picture thinking some people would get a good laugh out of it. Some did but others did not realize it was a joke.

The K9 in the photo is Dayka. She works for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Her handler is Officer Matt Cramer.

Officer Cramer’s “Operation Santa’s Claws” was aimed at raising awareness about porch thieves. In the Facebook post, he wrote that Belgian Malinois would be hiding in boxes around the county – so crooks better watch out.

Dayka’s picture has gone viral – viewed and shared thousands of times. “Yeah, it kind of took off. I am glad a lot of people got a kick out of it,” said Officer Cramer.

Not everyone, however, realized the Facebook post was just a joke to create awareness.

“My instinct at first was I am going to get into trouble. There are people out there that think I am leaving my dog in a box and leaving it on someone’s doorstep. There were a lot of good people out there that thought we were doing that, then there were probably burglars that did too. So maybe, we did deter crime by putting that out there,” said Officer Cramer.

Dayka has made more than 70 felony arrests in her career and taken down all sorts of bad guys. She can now add social media influencer to her resume.