SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Neighbors say the Prince Recycling Center on Voltaire Street is attracting crime and transients, and they want the center to move out of the area.

"I was bombarded with hundreds and hundreds of emails and documentations, and photos that this recycling center is making this area no longer safe,” said Margaret Virissimo, an organizer of the effort to shut down Prince's Recycling. 

The owner, James Prince, was served the eviction notice Monday, February 12 by the property manager that owns the plaza. Prince described the notice as blindsiding after operating the business for four years.

Prince says he had an agreement with Dirk Stump, the Vice President of Stump's Family Marketplace, to operate the recycling center nearby. 

But after community pushback, Stump also wants the center to close. 

If Prince follows the eviction notice, he doesn't know what's next. 

The protesters have also passed along a petition on So far it has 995 signatures.