SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — A Pacific Beach man has been reunited with his pride and joy a week after it was stolen. 

Thieves hotwired Mike Stefaun's classic 1958 Buick Special and drove it right out of his garage. 

But he got it back, thanks to one of his sharp-eyed employees. 

The car Stefaun calls "Black Beauty" or "BB" is back. 

"It's all working if you can believe it," he said. 

Unbelievable, that it was stolen one week ago from Stefaun's gated garage. 

"They managed to hotwire it and get it through the alarm," said Stefaun. 

Only the cover was left and he feels thieves watched his classic car's every move. 

"This was an inside job," Stefaun said. "The cameras were tilted, they knew the timing, they knew when the car in front of it was gone."  

Surveillance video shows the 1958 Buick speed out of the lot. 

Then News 8 reported on the stolen car. 

"When you guys ran that piece on Tuesday and there was a sighting of it in La Mesa - that was when I knew there was hope," said Stefaun. 

One of Mike's general contracting employees spotted the car. 

"[He] saw the wind blow up a cover on the edge of the car and calls me up and says 'hey did you get your car back yet? and I go 'no,'" said Stefaun. "[He said] 'because I think I saw it."  

The Buick was left on the side of the road.  

Police took fingerprints and then Stefaun was reunited with "BB."  

"[There is a] little bit of a scratch on the front bumper, all on the underside you can't even see it," he said. 

No major dents on the Special, only the trunk is not working. 

"The only real damage we found was is the trunk, they tried to break into the trunk jimmying the lock," said Stefaun. 

He surveyed the car he's had for 6 years finding the teal and taupe seats in good condition along with the chrome steering wheel and the custom tires. 

After a quick repair at San Diego Car Stereo, Stefaun got his alarm and his music back.  

Stefaun says he's not going to neglect his Buick bestie again. 

"I'm not going to ignore her anymore," he said. "Thank you, guys, thank you channel 8, you guys are awesome."