SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – As one of San Diego’s most popular hot spots, large numbers of visitors to Pacific Beach can mean a lot of problems.

Residents had their first chance Wednesday to meet face-to-face with their City Councilwoman since she took a stand against a paid parking plan. A plan some believe would help with improvements in the area.

Pacific Beach families said they love their community and want to welcome visitors, but feel abandoned. They do not want homelessness, crime, or short-term vacation rentals ignored. With Councilwoman Lorie Zapf’s statement opposing paid parking, those who do support it wanted some follow-up.

“This community is busy and this community needs you like no other. It has more visits and more things going on," said a Pacific Beach resident. 

During the Pacific Beach Town Council meeting, Councilwoman Lorie Zapf received an earful form families about deco bikes taking up sidewalks and a proposed ordinance on short-term vacation rentals.

“A lot of people want to turn their homes into mini hotels and I don’t think that is right. I never have,” said Councilwoman Zapf.

The biggest topic of the night, however, was the possibility of paid parking near the beach.

Since last week’s heated meeting with the Pacific Beach Parking Advisory Board, Councilwoman Zapf has denounced the plan.

Zapf’s opposition to paid parking is not sitting well with Brian Curry, Chairman for the Pacific Beach Planning Board.

“Our commercial core in our business district needs improvement and the city does not give us a dollar,” said Curry.

While many oppose the paid parking plan, civic leaders said parking needs to be addressed.

“It's not about revenue. It’s about how can we efficiently get people in and out of Pacific Beach and a quality of life,” said Curry.

The paid parking plan is still being worked on and will be submitted to Zapf’s office. She said she will consider reviewing it.

Councilwoman Zapf said she hopes the ordinance on the issue of short-term vacation rentals will be voted on by the end of April.